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Save yourself the hassle of buying a car on your UK tour by getting on our Long Term Vehicle Rental.




Want us to take care of everything for you?

You need Long Term Lease from LCCR!


If you need a car for 3 months or more you'll find our Long Term Lease is perfect for you:


- PCSing soon

- On short term orders

- Just arrived and not ready to buy a car yet

- Don't want to buy another car

- Need a dependable car


Benefits of getting a Long Term Rental car include:


- MOT and Road Tax paid by us

- All standard vehicle servicing costs paid by us

- Regular safety and fluid checks covered by us

- Repair costs paid by us

- Benefit from VAT/Tax Free rental

- No monthly budgeting worries

- Adds up to trouble and worry free motoring

- Just gas and go!


Prices start at just £25/week all inclusive.


Call our team 01638 510 123 and ask for details

on Long Term Rentals from 3 months or more.


Our Long Term Lease offers USAF members worry free,

trouble free motoring from £120 per month

LONG TERM LEASE  For Hassle Free Motoring

Don't risk buying a lemon

Monthly budgeting is easy

No surprise vehicle bills

No stress sorting paperwork

Inc. safety and fluid checks

GRFX value

cars made easy!

" We are the only

independent USAF

car rental company

with a complete

support team "

Pricing Structure



3 Months from £130/month

6 Months from £120/month

12 Months from £100/month